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The Monochrome Set

Receiving loud and clear : Ten questions with Betty Mayonnaise

The redoubtable Bid has been fronting the singular Monochrome Set since, oh my goodness, a very long time anyway. (more…)


    The Mirror Trap»

    In 1971, eleven years after his death, ‘La Mort Heureuse’ (A Happy Death) by the French writer and philosopher Albert Camus was published.

    The Callstore»

    The Callstore has been plying his distinctive pop sound for some time now.

    Rock N Roar»

    If there was ever a year to be Scottish, it was 2014. From the Ryder Cup to the Commonwealth Games, it felt like the eyes of the whole universe were on the biggest little country on the earth.



Video for the band’s current single, taken from the top 40 City Slang album ‘Edge of the Sun’, and featuring Jose Gonzales


Party At The Palace»
Mick Harvey»
Glasgow Oran Mor
Party At The Palace»
Wickerman Day 2»
Wickerman Day 1»
Eden Festival»
Raehill Meadows, Moffat

long players

Richard Thompson / The Rails»
Edinburgh Queen’s Hall
The Reverse Cowgirls»
Paul Smith And The Intimations»
Gilmore & Roberts»
Conflict Tourism
Slim Twig»
Thank You For Stickin’ With Twig
The Jam»
About The Young Idea

short players

The Creeping Ivies»
The Witch House E.P.
Leonidas & Hobbes»
Mo’ Machines
Rob St. John & Woodpigeon»
Young Sun|Trouble Comes
Gentlemen Rogues»
History So Repeating
Faces Of Eve»
The Story So Far EP
Finn LeMarinel»
Love Is Waves EP